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Retiring Accessories List

Well, the retired accessories list is out.'s 12 pages long and full of surprises and change!  BEFORE you start going through the list, I'd like to tell you about some of the changes.  If you read this first, it will help in not totally freaking out...LOL!  The link to list is below, just above the Product Q&A information.  With that said, I'm sure there will still be some disappointments.  So here are some of the noteworthy changes/facts:
  1. All items on the accessories list are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  That means that when they sell out they are gone forever!  All retiring stamp sets will be available through May 31st.  Since Stampin' Up! manufactures their stamps they will not sell out.
  2. Anything with a * beside it is being reconfigured/changed in some way.  It is NOT going away for good it will just be different somehow.
  3. All of the classic ink pads are being reconfigured.  They will be changing from a felt pad to a firm foam pad.  You will see an * beside these on the list, which means they are not going away, just changing.  From everything I've read, these pads should be much better and help to stamp a more crisp image.  At the end of this post you will see a Q&A section.  I copied this directly from our demonstrator site and it explains this change as well as several others.  I know this is quite the change, but I think in the long run we are all going to like to new pads much better!
  4. Most of the markers will no longer be available individually.  They will be now be sold in sets.  There are a few individual ones left, but not very many.  I'm really disappointed in this.  Many times I have a tip that gets damaged and I have to replace it.  This might be a problem going forward.  I highly recommend that if you want/need markers you order them from My Online Store quickly!  I know these will probably sell out fast!
  5. Most of the 12x12 card stock will no longer be available in individual colors.  You will still be able to purchase the assortments and some of the colors will still be available in individual packages.  I highly recommend that if you want/need 12x12 card stock you order it from My Online Store quickly!  I know these will probably sell out fast!
  6. Several punches and big shot dies are retiring.  These, too, will sell out fast!
  7. All of the Decor Elements are retiring.  They are on pages 227-234 in the catalog.  HERE is the list of all of them.
Obviously there is a lot more on this list, but I think I covered the most "shocking" items.  Call or email me with any questions you might have.  With everything that is retiring I can't wait to see what's in store for us in the new catalog!
HERE is the list.

Product Changes Q&A

Q: Why are so many stamp sets being retired? 
A: During this transition to the new annual catalog, there are a higher number of stamps being refreshed and replaced than usual. While many stamps are going away, most are being replaced so that the breadth of our stamp lines is every bit as broad as ever! And because the seasonal catalogs will be so much larger than before, there will be more seasonal stamp sets to choose from in those catalogs. On the bright side, nearly all of our stamps, with the exception of a la carte stamps and a handful of background stamps) will now be available in clear-mount as well as wood-mount! Also, our most beloved and long-lived stamp set, Lovely as a Tree, is not being retired. :) 

Q: Why the changes to 12" x 12" card stock?
A: Not all 12" x 12" cardstock colors will be available in individual packs anymore. While low sales do not justify stocking individual packs in all colors, color assortment packs will be available, and some colors from each color collection will be available in individual packs.

Q: Are individual Stampin’ Write Markers going away? 
A: Stampin’ Write Markers in more popular colors will still be available individually. However, low sales do not justify making all Stampin’ Write Markers available for individual purchase. Color assortments packs will still be available.

Q: Why are all the Classic Stampin’ Pads being retired?
A: We are introducing a new Firm Foam pad in our Classic Stampin’ Pads with the 2012-2013 annual catalog. The Firm Foam pads offer better ink coverage and, in turn, better stamped images.  As a demonstrator, you are not required to replace all of your old stamp pads with the new firm foam pads. However, we do recommend you have at least one on hand to demonstrate for your customers.

Q: Are all Craft Stampin’ Spots going away?
A: Yes. Consistently low sales could not justify keeping them. 

Q: Are all Classic Stampin’ Spots going away?
A: Stampin’ Spots are a fantastic tool for helping new demonstrators get started, so we will keep Classic Stampin’ Spots for the Getting Started color palette only. Consistently low sales could not justify keeping the other collections in general inventory.    

Q: Why are you keeping Designer Fabric when you eliminated things like Décor Elements?
A: Two reasons: 1) Demonstrators and customers use Designer Fabric accessorize and embellish their papercrafting projects--which is Stampin’ Up!’s core focus, and 2) Designer Fabric is a good seller.

Q: Why are the Simply Adorned and Décor Elements lines going away?
A: During the analysis of our product lines it became clear that while some customers enjoyed these products, they were not good sellers, and they did not truly support Stampin’ Up!’s core papercrafting focus. However, you may see them offered from time to time not as product lines but as embellishments or project-type kits.

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